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deleting my school so i can focus on blogging

Then send on a is like angelic gentle smile to a fog wild. In fog wild eyes, it would be not an angelic smile, devilish smile it!

"Today, today I was kidding! Do not take it seriously!"

Fog wild with talk refute prodigy said, because he does not want to do that so shy!

"Yes …?" Prodigy looked at him with puzzled eyes,

"When, of course, is true! Today I’m just kidding … ha ha …!"

Fog wild smile to mask his lies, his mind constantly blame myself, Why then say so ashamed of you!

He distinguished face, in order not to let the child prodigy to see his flush face.

"Really cute ~" prodigy watching fog wild, I thought.

"But your body is not want it to" prodigy hand on the sensitive points of the fog wild across the pants to touch his avatar

"Well …?"

Fog wild stimulation by foreign objects because of the lower part of the body suddenly feel discomfort, stop swinging his body to express uncomfortable, his avatar by stimulation begins to harden and slightly erection.

"Ouch … avatar also began to harden it to" child prodigy exposed cunning smile

"Well …!" Fog wild constantly moaned, he distinguished flush face, do not want to see the child prodigy charming look

Because every time they see him, of their own will be easily attracted to his, his lust buried reason to hold back in order not to make.

"Why do not you look at me?" Prodigy fog wild distinguished face lift back with their own eyes. When he saw the fog wild face, he was very much surprised.

"Blue pill … Why are you crying …? Do you hate me …?"

Looked the fog wild that look ready to cry, have a lot of pain in mind

I’m … not … I said fog wild haltingly,

"Why are you crying?" "I … I’m afraid …" "fear …? Why?" "I’m afraid … you and I will not finish … took me abandon …"

"Oh … of course not." Prodigy slight laugh, one hand holding the fog wild are afraid to shivering

"I will not abandon you, because I like you, believe me!"

If completed, the child prodigy with his hands raised face fog wild, her face close to the fog wild, kissing his lips, fog wild very like such a gentle kiss, and continue to feel the prodigy of his love.

But warm time flies particularly fast, the child prodigy and a failure to maintain such a gentle kiss, because he was in a hurry, he wanted to know the fog wild More, more,

His tongue breakthrough the fog last line of defense of the wild, in fog wild mouth, look for him to join in the revelry, fog wild respond prodigy.

Making prodigy lust greatly increments, he could not resist, and he let go of the fog wild lip

Opened fog wild pure white gown belt, took off his robe and shirt, the prodigy strip their clothes, only pants.

Prodigy again clinging tightly fog wild, and kissed his lips, fog wild slightly open closed eyes, like his thoroughly enjoyed watching the prodigy,

"Well … God …" He wanted to prodigy to speak, so you open your mouth, but did not bother him a child prodigy, but the moment he opened his mouth his tongue into his mouth, haunted fog wild tongue.

Prodigy hands not only clinging fog wild, he put his hand on the chest of the fog wild, gently playing with his chest slightly protruding nipple, his playing sometimes gently, sometimes it is very hard and

"Well …!" Fog wild constantly moaning, which does not meet the desires of the child prodigy, he hopes to have more satisfaction

He left the fog wild lip. Prodigy fog wild ear breathed, and bite his earlobe,

"Yeah!" The fog wild quickly hand touched the ears I have been attacked, his ears and his face turned red and hot.

Really cute ~ “prodigy neck fog wild, collarbone, each part of the body are printed on only his mark

. And then turn back into the line of sight to the fog wild the chest, mouth slowly close to the nipple, with his flexible tongue constantly Tiaonong

"Well …!" Fog wild feel his chest itchy pains and, struck with a seductive moans

"Do not … do not bite … prodigy …" prodigy looking at the fog wild laugh,

"I have to bite you, but Lan pill you want …" prodigy gently biting his chest nipples, nipple stimulation suddenly harden fog wild whole body feels paralyzed.

Prodigy … I, I want more … more “fog wild rationality has long been the desire invaded

Prodigy fog wild pants off hand ring fog wild long tall avatar, gently rub with

His mouth avatar, flexible tongue licking avatar moment fast slow moment, sometimes they have to bite the mouth;

And the prodigy free hand further into the the fog wild after hole fiercely inserted out “very, very painful ah … prodigy … light force it …”

Different types of stimulation, so the fog wild about to collapse.

Prodigy fingers continually to the the fog wild after hole inserted into a two … Soon, all fingers inserted into the the fog wild after its hole.

Lan pills after tight hole to patience point … to be will not hurt “prodigy cajole constantly endured the pain of fog wild

And then continue to lick his cock, Fog wild avatar of the top suddenly outflow a little liquid, and the liquid is transparent to spare a little white semen

The prodigy hand from the latter points out, one hand avatar, single-handedly stimulate avatar the top hope the wild can be shot out of the fog.

"Injection Come! Blue pill …" "I …" embarrassment of looking at the child prodigy, "Come on!" He once again gently bite avatar

Really can not help, “Yeah!” Fog wild all semen fired into the mouth of the child prodigy,

11 MiraGen


Translation by xanovative, edited by melonseger

Original art: イタ電するぞぉおぉww┗(^o^)┛ by 醤油牛乳のバスケ

For those who don’t know “wwwwwww” mean “LOL”

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